Hi! We are Blanca and Lucía, two friends since we were 3 years old who, in 2019, decided to throw the blanket around our heads and create Tantara Kids. 

The idea behind Tantara is to create special but simple garments, comfortable as well as beautiful, with a perfect balance between classic and modern. And always offering the highest quality-price. 

What is our philosophy?


Has it ever happened to you that you have bought an ideal outfit but after washing it a couple of times, it gives out or is full of balls?

We believe the quality of the fabric is as important as the design, especially for the clothes of the little ones, which have much more trot than ours, although they wear them for less time.

For this reason, at Tantara we always use the highest quality fabrics and materials, so that, even if you put our garments in a loop, they are like new.


Obviously, producing with a higher quality costs more, but that does not mean that the garments have to be prohibitively priced. Most brands in the textile industry apply a margin of 5-10 times the production cost of their products. At Tantara we like to do things differently.

How do we do it?

To achieve the best value for money, we produce with the highest quality fabrics in artisan workshops in Madrid, and we sell directly, without intermediaries. By removing a link in the chain, we can work with lower margins and offer more affordable prices. 

For this reason we do not sell to stores or offer such high discounts during Sales. 


As soon as you have children with a certain age difference, finding cute clothes to match them all can become a real odyssey, right?

All our collections are designed to have options to combine siblings, including babies. And each collection, we work to offer you more options.